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                                                                                                                Sarah Teibo

"I immediately signed up to the Artist Development Course as I was about to record my first album. I quickly learnt the crucial importance of getting it right with the songs first and then following this up with a robust PR plan. Now, I’m a MOBO nominee within the first year of my musical journey. I can boldly say that I owe a lot of this success to the Artist Development Consultancy Sessions with Roy”.

Our Artist Development Course is bespoke and is based on the book, ‘How to Make Gospel Music Work for You.’ The course is designed to meet the needs of individual artists who are looking to grow their music and ministry. The first meeting is a FREE consultancy session in which we assess each artist's individual need. We then we design a course to meet those specific need. Call, email and let us know, what you want and where you want to go with your music, and we will design a course to suite you.

Recent courses have included: 'How to make a gospel album’, ‘Songwriting Tips,’ 'How to Market and Promote your music,' ' How to get your music into churches', ‘How to perform well', 'How to make a good music video.' 


You tell us what you need and we'll design a course for you.

 Email or call us now to have a chat.  (POA) 


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