'London is the place for me...' -1

Updated: Aug 3

The words of 'London is the place for me' really capture the optimism with which Caribbean people came to Britain when they arrived in 1948. One thousand people were on board ‘The Empire Windrush when it sailed into Tilbury Docks on the 21st June. Three quarters had come for the Caribbean recruited by the government to go to work and help in the reconstruction of Britain after the devastation of the second world war. But not everyone was happy with this arrival.’ There was unrest in Parliament, some MPs had written to government predicting doom and disaster and while the ship was on its way to London, there was even the talk of diverting it to the Congo! So nervous was the government with this arrival that it sent a warship to escort Empire Windrush into port!


They were a mixed bunch, ordinary folks, students, pastors, teachers, church members, and former soldiers many of whom had fought in the second world war and were now on their way back to Britain. This was a great opportunity as life was hard in the Caribbean, jobs were scarce and the future bleak, going to Britain to