WINDRUSH & THE BLACK                         

In this his second book, Roy follows up on the first with a timely portrayal of Caribbean Christians who 'came to Britain in the 1950s and 60s. In 'Windrush and the Black Pentecostal Church in Britain, Roy turns the spotlight on one of the most enduring legacies, The Black Pentecostal Church. He chronicles the history and development of this church community from its arrival in the 1950s to the present day. He explains how many of the Caribbean Christians who first came belonged to many of the established churches in the Caribbean but, because of racism, were mainly ignored when they went to worship at their local churches, and some were even told not to come back, for their presence was upsetting the white congregation. Pentecostals Roy tells us, had an altogether different experience. Rather than seeking out churches to worship in, they went out and looked for other Pentecostals and started holding 'Prayer Meetings' and, later on, 'Sunday Services' in each other's home.


Part memoir, and part historical overview, Roy had a front seat in the development of this church community, and in 'Windrush and the Black Pentecostal Church in Britain, he chronicles many of the seminal moment in this fascinating story. For example, he sets out the social and political background to them coming, lists the difficulties they faced, and yet despite all this, were able to start their churches. Roy explains this and features some of the early pioneers and pioneering churches, including, The Church of God in Christ, The New Testament Church of God, The Church of God of Prophecy, and The Seventh Day Adventist Church. 


Windrush and the Black Pentecostal Church in Britain also include pivotal moments in the development of African churches in Britain, including Kingsway International Christian Centre led by pastor Matthew Ashimowolo, and the Redeemed Christian Church of God, now the most significant Black Pentecostal church in Britain.


Windrush and the Black Pentecostal Church in Britain also touch on some of the hot

topics within the black Christian community including, the role of the Caribbean family today, education or lack of it, what role the church now plays. Roy suggests some of the possible causes of these problems and offer some solutions.  

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